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Passport Parc Safari 2017

Do plan on returning more than once for picnics, a good time and special events and take full advantage of the park’s facilities until October 29.


The Season Passport gives holders a 15% discount at the Boutiques, restaurants and the Safari expedition M35 Guided Tour.

Passport Safari (2 Yrs)
Passport Safari (1Pers)(3 Yrs Old +)
Passport Safari (2-3Pers)(3Yrs Old+) After June 30
Passport Safari(4Pers)(3Yrs Old+) After June 30
Gift Card Variable Price

Offer Parc Safari’s gift card to a loved one. It can be used at the ticketing service, at the restaurants and even at the boutique! Please note, a minimum of $ 20.00 is required to purchase this product.

 If you wish to receive a plastified gift card, please contact us at 450-247-2727.

Please allow 5 business days for receipt of the gift card.

Gift Card Variable Price