Parc Safari general rules and regulations

In order to ensure the safety of visitors in the Safari Adventure and on the site, it is forbidden to:

·      Feed the elephants, rhinoceroses and zebras;

·      Get out of the vehicle;

·      Park your vehicle within the Safari Adventure grounds;

·      Go into the Safari Adventure on a bicycle, ATV, motorcycle (or other open vehicle), or on foot;

·      Discard any waste outside the car or give it to the animals;

·      Strike or hold an animal;

·      Carry a pet in your vehicle;

·      Bring alcoholic beverages; or

·      Bring glass containers.

Please take note that the driver and all passengers in any vehicle must comply with the Quebec Highway Safety Code at all times.

In order to maintain the animals' health, please use only food prescribed by our veterinarians, on sale at points of service.

As a preventive measure, Parc Safari reserves the right to verify the contents of any bag or cooler arriving on site.

Aquatic Park Area

Any child aged 12 years or less must be accompanied by an adult, otherwise access will be denied.


Parents and or chaperones are entirely responsible for the care and supervision of children and release Parc Safari of any and all responsibility in this regard.


Bathing suits must be worn by all.


Other Rules and Regulations

The Visitor acknowledges their awareness and understanding that participation in Parc Safari activities may incur certain risks inherent to these activities.

Accordingly, the Visitor releases Parc Safari of any and all responsibility for damage and or injury.

Any dispute arising shall be heard in Quebec and its laws shall apply.

Anyone contravening safety instructions or site regulations will be immediately expelled without compensation.

Visit our website to read the regulations applicable to the tube ride.

For the safety of our visitors, in case of emergency and/or of weather phenomena, the Parc Safari administration reserves the right to temporarily close the Safari Adventure and/or any of its components within regular operating hours, and this, without compensation.  

The entire Parc Safari site is a non-smoking facility, with the sole exception of the designated smoking area shown on the site map.

Our Season Passports are non-transferable and not refundable for any reason.  No refund or credit will be given.  No refund will be given in the event of rain.