Terms and Conditions of Website Use
  Permitted Usage
The content, the software and the applications of the web Site are the property of Parc Safari or its
suppliers and are protected by United States, Canadian and international laws on copyright. You
agree that you are authorized to visit, to view and to retain a copy of the pages of the Site solely for
personal purposes and that you must not under any circumstances, reproduce, download, publish,
edit, or distribute fully or in part the content of the Site other than to consult the information
relating to the animals, events and promotions, to use it for personal purposes, or to buy tickets or
other products, unless authorized by Parc Safari to do so. Any violation of these conditions exceeds
the scope of this authorization.
When using the Parc Safari Site, you can choose to read or to expose yourself to user content. You
acknowledge and agree that such content could be inaccurate, offensive, indecent or objectionable
and you agree to waive all rights and legal redress against Parc Safari with respect to this content.
You agree to hold Parc Safari park free of liability, to the full extent of the law, for anything
concerning your use of the Site.
Offline Behaviour
The use of information from the Site for the purpose of harassing, deceiving or injuring another
person, or to communicate with users, send them advertising, solicit them or sell products to them
without their explicit consent, is also a violation of the conditions of use of the Site.
Links and Search Results
A search carried out on the site may refer a user to other web sites. Parc Safari has no control over
these sites or their content. Parc Safari does not endorse the content of third party sites. By using
the Site to search for another site or access it, you agree and understand that you may not make
any claim against Parc Safari in the event of damage or loss of any nature, caused by your use of the
Commercial Usage
You cannot use the Site to resell tickets or to create a link to other sites for the purposes of ticket
sales. You might find links on our Site to certain other ticket sales sites. Nothing in this provision
shall prohibit the sale or the purchase of tickets on ticket sales sites, as long as these transactions
are conducted in compliance with the conditions of use of these sites and in compliance with the
law. Legal measures will be taken against any person who violates this provision.

Access and Interference
You agree not to use any robot, web search engine or any other device, process, or automated
means to grant yourself or grant a third party acting on your behalf or in your interest the means to
navigate the Site or buy tickets on the Site more quickly than users who use a standard browser
and manually enter all the information required to navigate the Site and buy tickets.
 Presumed Violation of Conditions or Laws; Injunctive Recourse or Equitable Relief and Liquidated
The violation of these present terms and conditions, including the unauthorized use of the Site,
may be the subject of an investigation and of judicial action, including civil, criminal and injunctive
remedies. Non-compliance with a restriction or condition of the Site, including the use of
automated means to buy tickets, or to order a quantity of tickets exceeding the limit indicated, is
also considered as a violation of these conditions. If we have not been able to verify or authenticate
the information or the tickets provided during your registration, an order, a purchase, an offer to
sell, a sale, an authentication process, a delivery, a payment or refund, or any other procedure, or if
we can no longer verify or authorize the information on your bank account or your credit card
account, we may cancel your tickets, refuse to honour the current or future purchase of tickets
made using your credit card account or using an online account associated with you, and we can
prohibit you from using the Site.
You agree that payment for monetary damages does not constitute a sufficient remedy for
violations of these terms and conditions, and you agree that an injunctive remedy or other
equitable relief may be exercised.
You agree that the abusive use of the Site, as described above, causes a prejudice to Parc Safari, in
particular by reducing the value, by decreasing sales and by increasing expenditures incurred as a
result of reacting to the abusive use of the Site. You also agree that monetary damages resulting
from the misuse of the Site are difficult to assess and that the establishment of proof of such
damages is costly and difficult to calculate. You therefore consent that liquidated damages are
justified in case of misuse. Thus, you acknowledge that you and any third party acting in concert
with you, alone or collectively, are jointly and individually responsible for liquidated damages in the
amount of $2,500 per act of misuse. You also agree that what is described above constitutes the
extent of assessment of damages for any misuse carried out before the entry into force of this
provision and the present terms and conditions.
Parc Safari is not required to give you a refund if it exercises one or the other of its remedies or
rights due to a violation on your part of these Terms and Conditions or of the rights of Parc Safari.
In addition, we reserve the right to modify, interrupt or cancel, at our discretion, any part of the
Site, at any time, with or without notice. We also reserve the right to impose limits on certain
features or services and to restrict access to a part or the whole of the Site without prior notice and
at our discretion. We cannot be held liable to you or any third party for any claims or proceedings
arising out of the exercise of such rights.